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  • A home.. decorated at last!

    Oh Boy it’s been a while… I’m still here, still playing games, though not quite as much as I have been due to real life but it’s still been all good. ESO is still going well. Its the Halloween festival … Continue reading →

  • Darkshore Warfront: First and Last time

    With 8.2 dropping and seeing lots of blog posts and hearing friends talk about the new content, I thought I’d resub for a month and have a look at what’s new. I started out by catching up on the older … Continue reading →

  • I dont’ always link my twitch account but it’s mounts when I do!

    Bethesda was at E3 this past week and ESO had a promotion to receive a mount if you linked your twitch account and watch the Bethesda special annoucements.  Since I was going to watch anyway, a free and pretty mount … Continue reading →

  • Snugpod.. a new house!

    One of the guilds I’m in in ESO is focused on housing and holds regular design challenge with different themes. This month’s challenge is to decorate a house in the Wood Elf style. I haven’t quite finished decorating my snow … Continue reading →

  • Is ESO about to be inundated with toxicity?

    A massive point in ESOs favour, aside from the gameplay, is how lovely as a whole the community is. Each zone has their own chat equivalent to WoWs single trade chat with a very obvious difference, toxicity and trolling are … Continue reading →

  • Vendor Spotlight: Kinderfeets

    Back in March, Kitty and I had a wonderful time attending Toy Fest West in Las Vegas.  We saw a lot of familiar faces, touched base with manufacturers we’ve been working with for ages, and checked out some exciting new items.  Today I want to share a brand new favorite with you all – Kinderfeets!

  • 5 Ways to Tear Kids Away from the TV this Summer

    So, the weather’s finally warming up, the trees and flowers are going bananas, it’s a gorgeous day – and where are the kids?  Sitting on the couch watching tv while playing doodle jump on their phones? It isn’t easy to break through the fog, but here are some quick tips to help draw those kids

  • Live Event Recap: CCPPNS Convention and the Wistaria Festival

    One of the hardest things about working for an online toy store is that you’re curating this collection of beautiful items, things you’re really excited to share with your audience, things you’re sure kids and anyone who loves kids will really get a kick out of – but in-person events are the only time you

  • Classics

    Classic toys never go out of style.  They are the toys that our parents played with, our grandparents played with, and our children love, too.  So many classics are found in wooden toys, from the rocking horse to building blocks.  Classic toys tend to stand the test of time, being loved and cherished by generations-

  • 10 Unusual Holiday Gift Ideas

    That cozy, festive and fun time of year is here again! The holidays are always memorable but the preparation for them can be energetically and financially draining. Those endless shopping trips and mounds of questionable gifts can be a downer, not to mention an anti-lesson on the joy of giving. What kind of lesson does